Vision and Mission Statement

VISION: To promote the academic success of students.

MISSION: At Stony Brook University, academic advising is an intentional, educational partnership between advisors and students. Grounded in teaching and learning and approached from a developmental perspective, good academic advising considers and respects students' diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities, and facilitates the identification and achievement of educational, career, and life goals.  Adopted August 7, 2009.

The staff in Academic & Transfer Advising Services supports you by:

  • Serving as a central, beginning resource to inform you of available options.
  • Helping you define, develop, and achieve realistic educational goals.
  • Assisting you with planning and monitoring an academic program consistent with your abilities and interests.
  • Assisting you in selecting your major, and connecting you with faculty and professional advisors in your major department.
  • Communicating and interpreting academic policies, procedures, and requirements.
  • Evaluating and posting transfer credits for general education requirements.
  • Connecting with University academic departments, community colleges, and programs abroad to facilitate students’ transferring to Stony Brook.
  • Referring you as needed to appropriate academic and student support services.
  • Fostering a respectful advisor-advisee relationship that focuses on you as a unique individual.

As an advisee, your important responsibilities include:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the Stony Brook Undergraduate Bulletin and the Academic & Transfer Advising Services website before seeking academic advice.
  • Becoming knowledgeable about and adhering to Stony Brook academic policies, procedures, and deadlines.
  • Preparing for advising sessions with thoughtful reflection and honest self-assessment.
  • Following through on recommended steps identified during advising sessions.
  • Attending Academic & Transfer Advising Services special programs and events.
  • Accepting final responsibility for your decisions.
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