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Arthur P. GrollmanArthur P. Grollman, MD

Evelyn G. Glick Professor of Experimental Medicine
established 1990

Arthur P. Grollman, MD, is a Distinguished Professor of Pharmacological Sciences, the Director of the Zickler Laboratory of Chemical Biology (LCB) and was named the Evelyn G. Glick Professor of Experimental Medicine in 1990. In 1974, he was appointed the founding Chairman of the Department of Pharmacological Sciences at Stony Brook. Under his leadership, Pharmacological Sciences has ranked consistently among the top departments of pharmacology in the United States and in 2000, he began to focus full time on research.

Dr. Grollman’s considerable accomplishments as Evelyn G. Glick Professor of Experimental Medicine and Director at LCB include highlighting a significant but preventable risk for the considerable world population that relies heavily on traditional herbal remedies to treat disease.  The LCB also researches the biological consequences of DNA damage with specific reference to molecular mechanisms of DNA replication, mutagenesis, and repair. His continuing work will help us to better understand and assess the global effects of aristolochic acid-induced renal disease and cancer. 

Dr. Grollman is a recognized expert on the clinical pharmacology of herbal medicines and has testified on this subject before the White House Commission on Alternative and Complementary Health Policy and the Senate Subcommittee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.  


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