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Our brilliant faculty are the lifeblood of our University. As teachers, researchers and mentors, they bring their unique perspective and collaborative spirit to the classroom, the lab and the campus community.The quality of our faculty also bolsters the institution’s reputation, attracting the very best students and research dollars to campus.
The most important tool we have for recruiting and retaining top talent is to offer endowed professorships and chairs, considered one of the highest career distinctions bestowed upon university faculty. Aside from the recognition and reward for the advances they’ve made in their respective fields, an endowed position provides these leading minds with the salary, benefits and vital research expenses to support their life’s work.

Creating an Endowed Faculty Position

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Investiture Ceremonies

An investiture ceremony celebrates the appointment of the endowed faculty member to their position and honors the generous donor who made it possible. The ceremonies are an opportunity to bring the campus community together to recognize the incumbent’s achievements and the donor's generosity. 

News and Features: Investing in the World's Brightest Minds
•    Latha Chandran Elected to National Board of Medical Examiners
•    Latha Chandran Named Inaugural Miriam and David Donoho Distinguished Teaching Professor
•    Transforming How Children Get and Stay Well
•    Creating a Sustainable Earth: Batteries Included
•    Internationally Renowned Physicist Appointed as Chen Ning Yang-Wei Deng Endowed Chair in Physics and Astronomy


Baseem AllamBassem Allam, PhD
Marinetics Endowed Professorship in Marine Science
established 2014
Gábor Balászi Gábor Balászi, PhD
Henry Laufer Endowed Associate Professor of Physical and Quantitative Biology
established 2012
peter carravetta Peter Carravetta, PhD
Alfonse M. D'Amato Endowed Chair in Italian American Studies
established 2000
Latha Chandran Latha Chandran, MD, MPH
The Miriam and David Donoho Distinguished Teaching Professor
established 2012
Dennis Choi Dennis Choi, MD, PhD
Simons Chair of Medicine
established 2011
Ken A. Dill Ken A. Dill, PhD
Louis & Beatrice Laufer Endowed Chair in Physical Biology and Director, Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology
established 2008
Raphael Douady, PhD Raphael Douady, PhD
Frey Family Foundation Chair in Quantitative Finance
established 2008
suzanne fields Suzanne D. Fields, MD
Leslie P. and Muriel Oberleder Professor in Geriatric Medicine 
established 1996
arthur grollman Arthur Grollman, MD  Evelyn G. Glick Professor of Experimental Medicine
established 1990
Hannun Yusuf A. Hannun, MD
Joel Strum Kenny Professor in Cancer Research
established 2001
Robert J. Harrison, PhD Robert J. Harrison, PhD
(Founding) Director and Chair, Institute for Advanced Computational Science
established 2012
Tarrson Family Professor of Periodontology
established 2013
Sasha Levy, PhD Sasha Levy, PhD
Marsha Laufer Endowed Assistant Professor of Physical and Quantitative Biology
established 2012
benjamin luft Benjamin J. Luft, MD
Edmund D. Pellegrino Professor of Medicine 
established 1987
Margaret McGovern, MD, PhD Margaret McGovern, MD, PhD
Knapp Chair in Pediatrics
established 2010
Nikolaos Panou Nikolaos Panou, PhD
Peter V. Tsantes Endowed Professorship in Greek Literature and Language
established 2013 
Ramin Parsey Ramin Parsey, MD, PhD
Della Pietra Family Chair of Biomedical Imaging
established 2013 
basil rigasBasil Rigas, MD, DSc
William & Jane Knapp Chair in Pharmacological Sciences
established 2005
carl safina Carl Safina
Carl Safina Endowed Research Chair for Nature and Humanity
established 2014
Joel Saltz, MD, PhD Joel Saltz, MD, PhD
Cherith Professor in Biomedical Informatics
established 2013
kenneth shroyerKenneth Shroyer, MD, PhD
Marvin Kuschner Professor of Pathology
established 1988
Katy Siegel Katy Siegel, PhD
Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw Endowed Chair in Modern American Art
established 2012 
Peter M. Small Peter M. Small, MD
Jim and Robin Herrnstein Chair in Global Health
established 2012
Esther Takeuchi, PhD Esther Takeuchi, PhD
William and Jane Knapp Endowed Chair in Energy and the Environment
established 2016
vincent yang Vincent W. Yang, MD, PhD
Simons Chair of Medicine
established 2011
Alexander B. Zamolodchikov, PhD Alexander B. Zamolodchikov, PhD
C.N. Yang – DENG Wei Endowed Chair in Physics and Astronomy
established 2013


Ambassador Charles A. Gargano Endowed Chair in Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging
Previous Holder:  Michael Poon, MD, FACC, FSCCT
established 2012 

DCI – Martin R. Liebowitz Endowed Professorship in Nephrology
established 2014

The Emil C. Voll Professorship in Cancer Research
established 1992

Endowed Professor, Institute for Advanced Computational Science (two positions)
established 2012

The Frey Professorship in Quantitative Finance
established 2013

Joseph Lauher and Frank Fowler Endowed Chair in Materials Chemistry
established 2016

Nirmal and Augustina Mattoo Chair in India Studies

established 2012

Robert David Lion Gardiner Endowed Chair in American History
established 2012

Chair of Medicine (two positions)
established 2011

The Zhang Family Endowed Chair in Immunology
established 2011


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