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Walk-In Tutoring

This calendar provides up-to-date hours for the walk-in tutoring services available on campus. Simply select the appropriate tab to display the walk-in tutoring availability for your course.


Help! I can't find tutoring for my course!

The ability to request a tutor for a course in which the ASTC does not already have a tutor will be available again in the fall.

In addition, students are encouraged to attend professor and TA office hours for extra support. If there is an associated Learning Center, Help Room, or walk-in tutoring service, students are encouraged to attend those as well.

The process to recruit, select, hire, and train new tutors takes several weeks to complete. Therefore, THE ABILITY TO REQUEST A TUTOR FOR A COURSE IN WHICH WE DON'T ALREADY HAVE A TUTOR ON STAFF WILL BE REMOVED AT THE END OF 9th WEEK OF EACH SEMESTER.


Need help with writing?

Click here to schedule an appointment with a tutor at the Writing Center.


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