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Frey Hall

*Please note: This is NOT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE for Frey Hall. This website is only meant to identify study spaces on Stony Brook University's campus. If you are looking to contact someone about the building, please CLICK HERE



For those that have been around long enough, they might know Frey Hall better as Old Chemistry. Frey Hall is the newly renovated building that just opened its doors for the Fall 2013 semester. It is the only building on campus that is solely dedicated to classroom space. Frey Hall is conveniently located between the Melville Library and Harriman Hall, at the top of the Zebra Path.  

 Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday Friday Saturday & Sunday
7:00AM-10:00PM 7:00AM-5:00PM Closed 



Study Spaces in this building:

First Floor


First Floor

frey study

Description: There are two ways to enter Frey Hall: the front entrance facing the Academic Mall or the back entrance (where a ramp is located to compensate for the rise in elevation from ground level) that faces the Chemistry building. Both ways will get you to the first floor seating area and the front entrance will lead you to the staircase that takes you to the upper floors. Because of its dedication to classroom space, it is not uncommon to find students on the second or third levels studying or reading in the hallways between their classes. 

About This Space: The first floor seating area of Frey Hall is outfitted with high-topped tables and numerous couches. Thankfully, this new building comes with enough outlets in these locations to support tech savvy study habits. The tables seat two to four people and the couch areas seat four to five, making this one of the locations flexible enough for supporting both group and individual study.

Noise Level:  This is an area with a high amount of traffic. The seating area is also located directly outside the three large lecture halls found within this new building, giving this area a medium to high level of noise when looking for a place to study.

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