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What is the Peer Academic Success Coach Program?

The Peer Academic Success Coach (PASC) Program helps students identify barriers to academic success and assists them in creating action plans for overcoming those challenges. 



Who are Peer Academic Success Coaches?

Peer Academic Success Coaches (PASCs) are passionate about helping fellow students develop the skills necessary to become successful at Stony Brook University. Essentially, they are tutors, not for specific courses, but for academic success strategies and behaviors. PASCs are current students who demonstrate a mastery of the holistic elements of their academic careers, such as time management, prioritizing, effective study strategies, note taking, goal setting, test-taking, motivation, managing test anxiety, and using campus resources. PASCs are trained by the ASTC, on an on-going basis, to identify barriers to academic success and to assist students in creating action plans for overcoming those challenges.


Meet the PASCs


How does a student get paired with a Peer Academic Success Coach?

Students can book an appointment with a PASC by logging onto our online scheduling system. Faculty and staff who are interested in referring a student to the program should direct the student to the scheduling system. For more information, click here

How does a student become a Peer Academic Success Coach?

Applications for spring 2016 Peer Academic Success Coach positions are due on Wednesday, December 2nd at 11:59pm.
Please visit our "Become a PASC" page for more details. 

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