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Stony Brook University 50 Forward

The Process

The development and implementation of the Stony Brook University Strategic Plan is integral to driving the University to elevated levels of academic accomplishment, which is one of the three components of Project 50 Forward. The Strategic Plan is being developed as part of a comprehensive, collaborative process that includes input from faculty, students, and staff through an overarching Executive Committee and several sub-committees, including ones for each College and the Library, one exploring curriculum revision, and three interdisciplinary cross-cutting committees: Student Experience, Globalization, and Interdisciplinary Research.

The final draft of the Strategic Plan will be augmented by the other components of the Project 50 Forward – Building for the Future and Operational Excellence – and position the University to achieve greatness for the next 50 years and beyond.

The Strategic Plan development process spans over the course of approximately 18 months. Integral to the process is the final disposition of Operational Excellence evaluation and initiatives; the Strategic Plan will also help shape the vision of the Facilities Master Plan / Building for the Future.

Some of the goals and objectives in the Strategic Plan include:

  • Evaluate our strengths and weaknesses
  • Help us fine tune and focus our mission
  • Inform and guide budget priorities and allocations
  • Identify common themes than can support interdisciplinary studies
  • Improve the diversity of our faculty and staff
  • Develop measures of accountability
  • Help us identify advancement and fundraising opportunities

Three phases will move the process forward towards a final cohesive plan:

Phase I - Preparation and Planning
Preparation for the Strategic Plan began in January 2010 and will continue through the end of the year. Each subcommittee has a designated planning committee and will present preliminary ideas to the University Council. Plans will be complemented by reports from interdisciplinary committees—which include Student Experience, Interdisciplinary Research, and Globalization—and selected to be posted to the website as final drafts seeking public comment.

Phase II - Feedback
Once comments are received and processed for the subcommittee plans, the overarching  Strategic Plan will be finalized and the Executive Committee will begin outreach for feedback in the early part of 2011. A draft of the Strategic Plan will be posted to the Stony Brook University Project 50 Forward website and will request community comment before a final plan is drafted. During this time, forums and town hall meetings will be scheduled for public comment. As part of the Strategic Planning infrastructure, the draft will be presented to the Stony Brook Council, the Stony Brook Foundation, and the University Council for feedback. In addition, the University will seek reaction and feedback from students, faculty, staff – all members of the campus community – through website interactive tools, town hall meetings and opportunistic activities.

Once feedback is collected, the Executive Committee will evaluate all aspects of the Strategic Plan and make the decisions regarding theme, focus, target objectives, implementation and timing.

Phase III - Implementation 
At the start of Phase III Implementation, the Strategic Plan will be developed and readied for publication, posted to the website and distributed to academic departments and members of the community upon request. Anticipated implementation will begin in the Spring 2011 semester, as expenditures and resources are aligned and the Strategic Plan is made final. Resources, achievement targets, goals, and measures of accountability will be identified and monitored.

Questions and Feedback
If you have a any questions or feedback regarding the Strategic Planning process, please go to the Project 50 Forward contact page.

November, 2010


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