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Stony Brook University 50 Forward

About Project 50 Forward

Project 50 Forward is one of the most important initiatives that Stony Brook University has embarked upon in its 53-year history. It will help enhance our fundamental teaching, research, and service missions while building a platform to support the future growth of the University and strengthen Stony Brook’s role in the economic renewal of New York State.

With input from a 16-member Steering Committee, Project 50 Forward focuses on every facet of University operations – streamlining procedures, reining in costs, creating new revenue streams, and taking advantage of every opportunity to strengthen our faculty and support our students by providing them with the resources they need to excel. The result will be a more efficient, more effective Stony Brook University.

Project 50 Forward focuses on three critical missions:

Operational Excellence seeks ways to optimize support for students, faculty, and staff to advance the educational and research mission of the University. With the assistance of an experienced management consultant and using information gathered from an open-ended invitation to the campus community to provide feedback, recommendations will be made based on a comprehensive review and analysis of campus operations and administrative structure.

Academic Greatness will be achieved through implementation of a comprehensive Strategic Plan that is being developed with input from many sources within the academic community including faculty and University leadership. It includes a significant review of the academic structure, systems, and programs to identify areas where efficiencies may be implemented. At its core is the goal to provide an academic structure that is responsive, accountable, and committed to our students, providing them with the most effective tools possible so they can reach their educational and research goals in a timely manner.

Building for the Future will be advanced through the development of a Facilities Master Plan (FMP). The FMP, currently in development, is a collaborative effort with assistance from a consulting team that includes Cooper, Robertson & Partners and architect Scott Blackwell Page, and an advisory committee that includes representation from the State University Construction Fund, University department leadership, and subcommittees representing many areas within the University community. This advisory committee is charged with the review, analysis, and formulation of a best-use model for new and existing buildings and infrastructure for all Stony Brook University campuses including Main Campus, Medical Center, Research and Development Park, Manhattan, and Southampton.

There is no better time than right now. Project 50 Forward is a Stony Brook University approach that will enable us to excel during today’s continuing tough economic and fiscal climate that will set us on a trajectory for the next 50 years. Public higher education has undergone many changes since 1963 when SUNY did not charge New York State residents tuition.

Project 50 Forward will help propel Stony Brook University into the top 20 public research universities, add value to a Stony Brook degree, and set us on a trajectory for the next 50 years.

June, 2010

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