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RecycleMania LogoRecycleMania 2010

Competition Dates: January 17, 2010 to March 27, 2010 (Ten Weeks)

  • A fair and friendly recycling competition.
  • Increase recycling participation by students and staff.
  • Heighten awareness of school's waste management and recycling programs.
  • Expand economic opportunities while addressing environmental issues in a positive way.
  • Ultimately lower waste generated on-campus by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Stony Brook University has joined RecycleMania, a national recycling and waste minimization competition involving 600 + colleges and universities. In order for us to do well, we need everyone's help!

What Can You Do?

  • Recycle all your mixed paper (includes books, periodicals, magazines, etc.)
  • Recycle bottles and cans.
  • Organize an office or department clean out of mixed paper. Contact the Department of Recycling and Resource Management at (631) 632-9297 to request large recycling bins.
  • Help spread the word! Encourage your colleagues and friends to recycle too!
  • Missing a recycling bin? Call the Recycling Hotline at (631) 632-1514 and request new blue bin(s).
  • Close the loop and use recycled paper with 35% post-consumer content or higher.
  • Share journal subscriptions with others.
  • Contact senders of junk mail and ask them to have your name removed from their list.
  • Place intra-office memos on a central bulletin board.
  • E-mail whenever possible.
  • Maintain a central filing system.
  • Use and reuse intra-office messenger envelopes.
  • Set up printers and copiers in energy saving modes. Copiers can be defaulted for double-sided copying.
  • Turn off lights and other electronics, and buy energy efficient (energy star rating) appliances.
  • Use your own mug instead of disposable cups.
  • Pack your lunch in reusable containers.
  • Buy a thermos.
  • Reuse scrap paper.
  • Recycle your ink jet cartridges, cell phones, and toner catridges. Send via inter-office mail to: Department of Recycling/Resource Management zip: 6551.
  • For empty toner cartridges, please contact Joyce Carr at: (631) 632-6375 to arrange for a pickup.

Visit www.recyclemaniacs.org for more information and weekly updates on competition results.

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