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Listed below are all the materials that the Recycling and Resource Management is involved in recycling.

Paper and Cardboard

Recycle Paper and CardboardSince paper comprises the majority of solid waste produced in academic settings (approximately 75%), our department is very focused on capturing this recyclable material. We have composed a pamphlet to explain what we do and do not recycle. The mixed paper recycling program accepts the following:

  1. Computer paper
  2. White ledger paper
  3. Mixed paper (a.k.a. Shmoe)
  4. Newsprint
  5. Books
  6. Magazines
  7. Cardboard Please flatten!

Paper that is put aside for recycling must be clean and dry. Boxes must be free of all garbage and Styrofoam.

Bottles and Cans

Recycle Bottles and CansDeposit or non-deposit containers are acceptable. Please rinse the containers out and crush (plastic and cans) if possible before putting them in a collection container.

There are containers set up for both trash and recycling, known as Clusters, set up on the Academic Mall and large blue bins set up in Academic buildings for your convenience.

You may also have noticed our new Recycled Recyclers that are sprouting up everywhere. These three-compartment bins are convenient and visual. Made from 100% recycled content, they have already proven themselves to reduce contamination significantly.

Motor Oil and Tires

Recycle Motor Oil and TiresMotor oil is recovered from the University fleet vehicles including trucks and buses under the management of Transportation and Parking Services. Oil is taken to a local recycler where it is refined for future use as lubricant or heating oil. The tires are either refurbished or ground into pulp materials to make things such as playground equipment, blacktop, mouse pads, other tires, and more.

Ink Jet and Toner Cartridge Recycling

We are currently accepting ink jet and laser jet (toner) printer cartridges for recycling.

Ink Jet Cartridges
Recycle InkJet CartridgesEnvelope dispensers have been set up in various locations throughout campus. When your printer cartridge is empty please take one of the envelopes and place the empty cartridge inside. Seal the envelope and send it out with your regular mail. The postage is already paid so there are no worries for you. To view a more detailed description of the program, you may download the ink jet pamphlet.
Envelope dispensers are located in:
  • All Residence Halls and Quad Offices throughout campus
  • Commuter Student Office
  • Student Activities Center lobby
  • Info Center in the Administration Building
  • Melville Library lobby
  • Melville Library Central Reading Room
  • Melville Library North Reading Room
  • Melville Library Administration Office
  • Office of Academic Advising
  • University Bookstore
  • Administration lobby
  • Student Union Information Desk
  • NYPIRG Office
  • Environmental Studies Center in the Earth and Space Sciences building
Laser Printer Toner Cartridges
Recycle Toner CartridgesThroughout offices on campus, thousands of toner cartridges are being thrown out every year. Now there is a better solution. Simply wrap your old, empty cartridge back up in the manner of which it was shipped and send it to:

Department of Recycling and Resource Management
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-6511

For a more detailed description of the procedures you may download the Laser Jet pamphlet.

Other Materials

We also recycle pallets, scrap metal, wooden debris, lead-acid batteries and fluorescent bulbs (EH&S), computer monitors (Property Control), solid waste, and clothing.

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