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Recycling Bins

Recycled Recyclers

View of a 3-compartment recycling bin

100% recycled content, 3 compartment container set up to recycle mixed paper, bottles and cans and to dispose of trash.

96 Gallon Ottos

View of a 96 gallon recycling bin

Recycled plastic containers used for collection of bottles and cans on campus.

Mixed Paper Bins

View of a blue 90 gallon recycling bin

Mixed paper bins and blue 90 gallon ottos (25% recycled material) for paper collection.

Victor Stanley Clusters

View of Recycling Clusters

Two containers, one for bottles and cans and the other for garbage, conveniently placed next to each other all over main campus.

Big Belly Solar Compactor

Photo of Big Belly Solar Compactor

The BigBelly Solar Compactor is a patented compacting trash receptacle that is completely self-powered. Instead or requiring a grid connection, BigBelly uses solar power for 100% of its energy needs. The BigBelly unit takes up only as much space as the footprint of an ordinary trash receptacle, but its capacity is five times greater. BigBelly is both energy efficient and saves on labor costs. The BigBelly unit is located on the academic mall next to the Student Activity Center. http://www.bigbellysolar.com/products/index.html/.

"Red Hot" Clothing Recycling Bins

Photo of Red Hot clothing recycling bins

11 "Red Hot" clothing recycling bins are situated around Campus Residences. The bins feature Wolfie and the University color to help promote pride and encourage the recycling of clothing, linens, sneakers, shoes, etc. If you have something that is torn, please also place that in the clothing bin. These items will go to someone in need (reuse), or they may be used as feedstock to make new textiles, or even high grade writing paper.

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