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About Recycling and Resource Management

Stony Brook University began its recycling program in 1987. It was started in response to the Solid Waste Management Act of 1988 issued by the Governor in an attempt to reduce the amount of garbage produced by Long Island. With a 50% overall reduction rate as a target, recycling was to be the major vehicle for this change. Beginning with a program that was mostly focused on collecting paper and cardboard, the University has continued to evolve and expand the recyclable materials collected to also include bottles and cans, woody debris and yard waste, scrap metal, clothing, motor oil, lead-acid batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and printer cartridges.

Under the umbrella of Facilities and Services, the identity of the Department was generally expanded to encompass things in addition to solid waste and recycling - specifically: Energy, Water, Green buildings, and buying recycled. The Governor's office enacted Executive Orders (142 and 111) which expanded the expectation put upon State Institutions to make their infrastructures environmentally friendly and "green" provided that measures taken are reasonable. Recycling and Resource Management is responsible to provide quality service with its recycling operations, as well as institutionalize its overall outreach and educational responsibilities in response to the executive orders.

Recycling Services

The Recycling Services staff provides weekly collection of mixed paper and bottles and cans. They collect pallets on a bi-weekly basis around campus, and daily on the HSC/Hospital loading dock. Additionally, staff will respond to special orders for move-outs/clean outs (mixed paper).

Solid Waste Service

Our Department monitors and oversees the service provided for solid waste disposal throughout most areas of campus. Utilizing the University Truck Scale located down at the South Parking Lot, we are able to monitor the weight of trash that the service provider picks up and thereby watch our costs. The University does not own any containers or solid waste equipment on campus. We simply provide the space, pad, and power supply as necessary. All equipment is properly maintained by the Service Provider. Approximately 100(+) front-end dumpsters, 10 compactors, and a variable number of roll-offs, exist on campus at any point and time. The number of roll-offs usually is contingent on the number of construction and clean up projects going on.

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