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What's Growin' On Stony Brook

Under this heading viewers will find information relating to the seasonally appropriate programs/initiatives Stony Brook's "Growhouse" is undertaking. This will be interactive, each heading will be accessible with the coordinating information, i.e.:

  • Rain Water Collection System
  • Organic Initiative
  • Co-Op Gardens
  • "GROW RED" a plant list of appropriate zone 7 trees and shrubs which bloom red and support a healthy eco system; Lagerstroemia Razzle Dazzle, V. dilatatum Cardinal Candy, etc.

We will highlight a picture of a currently blooming specimens on campus with the appropriate information.

Patriot Red GeraniumPatriot Red Geranium

Prefers full sun to partial shade. It matures to about 24-30" tall and about 12-24" wide and prefers average, moist, but well-drained soil. You'll find this beautiful specimen blooming in the Administration Garden decorative planters!

Tags: Grow Red

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