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What's Growin' On Stony Brook?

Patriot Red Geranium Gaillardia (also known as "The Blanket Flower") can now be seen growing at Kelly Quad at Stony Brook University.

Often mistaken for daisies or sunflowers, the gaillardia is tall and bright with beautiful shades of deep orange and yellow that can later be seen in hues or red or dark brown as summer turns to fall.

The gaillardia can also thrive under the harshest and driest of conditions and can even be seen on the beach!

Medicinal Uses: Gaillardia is a natural diuretic.

Cooking with Gaillardia: If you dry the seeds of the gaillardia flower, they can be ground and kneaded into seed butter!

Article Co-Written by:
Andrea Petterson, University Horticulturist
Lauren Joy Sharkey, Stony Brook Student

Tags: Grow Red

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