Vladimir Zaitsev

Ph.D.: Moscow State University, 1992.
Dr. Vladimir Zaitsevís interests include synthesis, applications, and analytical methods of polymer materials in addition to my teaching responsibilities. If you want to be a real chemical engineer, I can help you to develop the required skills and acquire valuable knowledge you will need in your future career. I am going to share with you my experience, which includes the development of a protein purification pilot unit at a biotechnology corporation, the invention of an assay for analytical and biomedical applications, the design and production of polymeric implants at an ophthalmologic hospital, improvement of high temperature polymer coating of optical elements and electroplating process adaptation for SPIR project, preparation of biocompatible nanomaterials, and creation of sensors for detection of explosives and toxic substances. I will teach you how to use general lab equipment such as spectrophotometers and chromatographs as well as advanced modern techniques such as mass-spectrometry. I expect your hard work and valuable input will benefit all of us - students, faculty, department, and university.