Tae Jin Kim

Ph.D., 2007, Lehigh University

Dr. Tae Jin Kim's research intention is a development of catalytic methodologies that can control hydrocarbon-based reaction pathways. For developing biomass conversion to fuel and chemicals, he has been exploring the new catalyst development/catalyst active sites and providing reaction mechanism/intermediate molecular structures using in-situ and operando experimental conditions. To understand complex reaction pathways, transition state geometries and thermodynamic properties, he has also been interested in Density Functional Theory calculations and collaborated with theoretical calculation research group in Argonne National Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Production of Biochemical/Biodiesel by Catalytic Conversion of Biomass Derived Resources:

1. Hetero/Homogeneous Catalysis: Develop and Select Catalysts Supported Metal Oxide, Solid Acid, Mineral Acid, Zeolite
2. In-situ and Operando Spectroscopy: Improve and Understand Catalytic Processes, Identify Intermediate Species and Active Sites
3. Kinetic and Reaction Mechanism: Elucidation of Biomass Conversion Pathways Evaluation of Catalytic Activity and Selectivity
4. Combination of Experimental and Computational Methods: Thermodynamic Properties Molecular Structure

Office: 218 Old Engineering; Phone: 631-632-8433 (office); Email: taejin.kim@stonybrook.edu