Chinese Language Program

Overview 简介

The Chinese Language Program at SUNY-Stony Brook offers Mandarin Chinese language courses at three different levels -- elementary, intermediate and advanced. The program provides training in all areas of language including speaking, listening, reading and writing.  It also takes into consideration the diverse linguistic backgrounds of its students.  Starting Fall 2002, the program offers two different tracks at the elementary level -- Chinese as a Foreign Language for true beginners (CHI 111, 112) and Chinese as a Heritage Language (CHI 210)  for those who have had exposure to spoken Chinese and who may have had limited experience in reading and writing.  At the advanced level, the program offers two sets of courses.  One (CHI 311, 312) is designed for students who have attained intermediate level proficiency; it introduces journalistic readings and classical/literary Chinese.  The other set (CHI 321, 322) is designed for students with truly advanced proficiency level (which they may have acquired through learning in a native-Chinese-speaking environment); it provides opportunities for reading in original Chinese literature. 

Faculty 师资

Agnes Weiyun He

Ye Li

Courses 课程

Elementary Chinese

 Chinese 111

Elementary Chinese I

 Chinese 112

Elementary Chinese II 

 Chinese 210

Elementary Chinese for Chinese Speakers

Intermediate Chinese

 Chinese 211

Intermediate Chinese I

 Chinese 212

Intermediate Chinese II

Advanced Chinese

 Chinese 311

Readings in Journalistic Chinese

 Chinese 312

Readings in Classical Chinese

 Chinese 321

Chinese Poetry and Short Stories

 Chinese 322

Chinese Lyric Prose and Drama

Chinese Language Placement Exam

Students who are taking the Chinese Language Courses at Stony Brook for the first time are expected to take a Chinese Language Placement Exam.  The purpose of this exam is to ensure that students are enrolled in the appropriate level and the appropriate course.  The exam is usually given during the first class meeting of the semester.  It consists of five sections:  listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and integrative skills.

Chinese Language Challenge Exam

The Chinese Language Program offers the Challenge Exam once a year.  This exam is designed for students who wish to be exempt from the University Foreign Language Requirement or who wish to receive credits for any of the Chinese Language Courses that are offered by the Chinese Language Program.  It consists of five sections:  listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, composition, and interpretation of literature.

Chinese Library 中文图书馆

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