China Studies Library

The China Studies Library is located on the fourth floor at the Melville Library.

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The Chinese Library at Stony Brook is founded by Dr. Hu Shi-Ming, one of the most outstanding Professors in the Stony Brook history. As the recipient of President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1989 and Professorship, Distinguished Teaching Professor in 1992, she intended to make the library into one of the most exceptional Chinese organizations on campus. However, due to her illness, Lou Gering’s disease, Dr. Hu Shi-Ming passed away in the year of 2000. The library became inactive and it was closed for a period of time. However, with Dr. Hu Shi-Ming’s original goal in mind, we are trying to work our way back and become active once again.

Books Available

The library possesses a great deal of books in the Chinese language, such as traditional and modern martial art novels, comics, poetry, romance, politics, history, literature, magazines and other miscellaneous items.

Other Sources Available

There are books in English as well as the above; however, they’re more limited to the politics, history and socio-economical aspects of China. We have a small collection of Hong Kong action films and documentary videos on China, and in addition to these, a decent sized TV (about 32 inches) and two VCRs.


The services that the Chinese Library helps to provide are as follows:

  • A reserve center for all China Studies related classes.
  • A screening or showing place for all China Studies related classes. In the past, we have shown movies such as “Emperor’s Assassin” for Professor Ruf’s graduate class.
  • Extra Help center for the Elementary and Intermediate Chinese language classes.
  • A study center for all students. Provide AAS 488 Internship.