China Studies at Stony Brook

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From the Director:

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The China Studies Program is dedicated to the study of China, both as a vital part of the world today and as one of the great civilizations in human history.  We offer courses ranging from language to literature, history, religion, comparative studies, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, and other areas.

Our faculty seek to foster an appreciation of the rich heritages of China’s past as well as of the complexities of China’s present, while  complementing the disciplinary study of China in other departments of the humanities, social sciences and professional schools.

For some students, the study of China will provide a unique and attractive addition to a liberal arts education.  For others, it will present an opportunity to establish or restore connections to their ancestral heritage.  Either way, China is sure to remain an important player on the global scene. 

An academic minor in China Studies (CNS) may lead to graduate work and a subsequent career in teaching and research, or to the beginning of a professional career in business, international trade, government services, communications, law, engineering, medicine, or other fields. 

Whatever your background or career objectives, we hope you will find the experience at the China Studies Program to be intellectually rewarding and humanly enriching.