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Call 631-632-6930 for tuition information and rates

Tuition assistance may be available for Stony Brook University students, faculty, staff, and other SUNY students. Call 631-632-6930 for more information regarding availability and eligibility.

For families with a total income of less than $50,000 - Please complete this online survey to see if you would be eligible for any tuition assistance. Survey Link: https://stonybrookuniversity.co1.qualtrics.com

Sibling Discounts of 10% (off of the tuition for the older child) are offered.

A $100.00 registration fee and a security deposit equivalent to a bi-weekly amount will be collected during the admissions process, prior to enrollment.

Stony Brook Child Care Services, Inc.

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Stony Brook University
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Tel: (631) 632-6930
Fax: (631) 632-4830

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Stony Brook Child Care Services, Inc.