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Mission Statement

Stony Brook Child Care Services, Inc. is committed to the mission of providing excellent childcare and to the responsibility of being a teaching model for students and the community at large. Located on the campus of the University at Stony Brook, we are a not-for-profit, early childhood education center, with programs in which children from birth to five years of age discover, play and interact with each other within small mixed age groups. We offer a child-centered, multi-cultural learning environment where each child is treated as an individual with needs and interests that are to be respected and supported through developmentally appropriate activities. We believe that children are best nurtured by a strong and caring community made up of parents, staff and board members. A sliding fee scale for tuition enables families of diverse economic backgrounds to take advantage of the Child Care Services. The multiple roles of SBCCSI include support of the University’s missions by providing educational experiences, offering research opportunities, and providing a service to the community.

Stony Brook Child Care Services, Inc.

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Stony Brook University
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Tel: (631) 632-6930
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Stony Brook Child Care Services, Inc.