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Congratulations to Suzanne Del Villar of Stony Brook Child Care Services!

Suzanne, Room 3’s Lead Preschool Teacher has been awarded a Suffolk Association for the Education of Young Children (SAEYC) mini-grant. She is one of only two recipients in the county.

Suzanne’s grant will allow children with and without sensory challenges to have access to materials that support sensory development. The materials to be purchased and utilized are used by specialists and recommended to teachers with children experiencing sensory processing challenges. Most preschool classrooms do not have these materials readily available. Opportunities will be provided to children without sensory challenges to explore these materials as well - fostering tolerance, patience and positive relationships with peers who struggle with sensory challenges.

Some of the sensory materials to be add to the classroom:

Sit Discs - round inflatable cushions with smooth bumps that during active sitting experiences help children with sitting, standing and balancing. Sit Discs also help strengthen postural muscles

Tic-Tac-Toe Gel Pad- children will play tic-tac-toe and engage in a tactile experience by manipulating game pieces through embedded gel. This game encourages midline activity, inspires social interaction and reinforces visual traction skills.

Space Explorer- is a “body sock” children can step into to learn about the physical space around them. It is a multisensory tool that develops children’s spatial and body awareness, motor planning and coordination.

Suzanne will be awarded the grant at the June 12th SAEYC Annual Meeting to be held at Stony Brook Child Care, on South Drive. At the annual meeting, 2012 SAEYC mini-grant recipients SBCCSI Lead Teachers Jill Stafford and Josefina Gallardo-Salguero will present how they used their grant funding this past year.

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