2. The New America
WZB Berlin, September 22-24, 2005

This conference is the second in the Global Futures of World Regions Conference Series. Like the other conferences, it seeks to assess the globality of a major world region for comparative purposes and to develop an understanding of the regional grounding of contemporary globalizations.

The end of the Cold War has made the United States the foremost global power and the ongoing war in Iraq has put the "new" America on the agenda of much general and professional reasoning. The future development of the US has become an issue of global concern. Is the US going to position herself in the global community as an imperial power or a first among equals? How does the New America appear in political, historical, economic and cultural perspective?

Bringing leading scholars and diplomats with various disciplinary, national, and international backgrounds together, The New America Conference will shed light on the dynamics, contradictions and possibilities of the United States as a critical global power.

Jürgen Kocka
President, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB)
The New America: A Historical Perspective
Ambassador Harald Braun
Deputy Foreign and Security Policy Advisor, German Federal Chancellery
How Wide is the Atlantic? German Foreign Policy After the Cold War and Beyond Iraq
Gert Schmidt
Erlangen-Nuremberg, Institute of Sociology
The Options of a Global Nation
Martin Albrow
London, Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE
The USA and a Globally Challenged America
Jürgen Gebhardt
Erlangen and Munich, Bavarian American Academy
The Imagined Republic: The Legacy of the Past and the Burden of the Present
Sunita S. Mukhi
Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University
When the Rainbow is not Enough: The Challenge to move from Celebration to Realization of Multiculturalism
Themis Chronopoulos
Stony Brook, Department of History
Spatial Fortification and Gated Communities: The American Experience in Global Perspective
Wally Katz
Oakdale, New York, Dowling College
Beyond the Facade of Global Power: A Dysfunctional America
Andreas Falke
Erlangen-Nuremberg, Foreign Studies
US Trade Policy and Global Governance
Wolf Schäfer
Stony Brook, Center for Global History
How Global Is The United States?
Invited Discussants:
Martin Heidenreich, Bamberg; Mathias Hildebrandt, Erlangen-Nuremberg; Markus Pohlmann, Heidelberg; Angelo Pichierri, Torino; Mark Thomson, Erlangen-Nuremberg
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