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Science Education Program
The Science Education Program at Stony Brook offers a palette of coursework, clinical practice, seminars and special projects that prepares students with undergraduate majors in biology, chemistry, earth science and/or physics to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching and to assume teaching positions in grades 7-12.

Professional Education Program
This website serves as both an instructional and informational resource for current and potential undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, as well as for experienced P-12 and University educators across disciplines.

School of Professional Development
The MAT programs are administered through SPD. Applications are handled through this office as well as the New York State teacher certification process.

Becoming a Biology Teacher
Becoming a Chemistry Teacher
Becoming an Earth Science Teacher
Becoming a Physics Teacher

Scholarship Opportunities
National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Scholarship
Petrie Foundation Scholarship Loan Program
National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Scholarship Supplement


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December 4: Astronomy Open Night - "Supermassive black holes: the most powerful and ancient objects in the University" (Dr. Takamitsu Tanaka)

December 11: Physics Open Night - "Chirality: from ancient Egypt to tomorrow's technologies" (Dr. Dmitri Kharzeev)

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