National Science Foundation
Robert Noyce Scholarship Supplement

$20,000 Scholarship


Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • previously awarded Noyce funding
  • be teaching in, or have a teaching position secured for September 2009 in a high-needs school district

Application requirements:

  • one essay detailing reasons for applying for the award (typed, one page)
  • two letters of recommendation
  • interview of selected applicants

All applicants will be invited for an interview.  The interview will require the candidate to:

  • give a short educational seminar
  • detail an action research plan for the two years of the award

My signature below indicates my understanding that, if I am a Noyce Scholarship recipient:

  • I am obligated to teach in a high-needs district for total of at least four years.
  • Stony Brook University has my permission to track my progress through licensure and employment using my social security number.
  • I will maintain regular contact (i.e. at least monthly) with the SB Science or mathematics education program. Attendance at a number of methods classes will be required over the course of the award period.
  • I will act as a cooperating teacher for pre-service science or mathematics education student field experiences.
  • I will engage in action research projects in the high needs school and attend the Noyce summer workshop each year.
  • I will attend conferences and make presentations and/or write articles for publication.
  • I will sign a promissory note stating my intention to uphold these commitments or repay the funds received through this scholarship program.

National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Scholarship Supplement Application

Center for Science and Mathematics Education

094 Life Sciences Building
Telephone: 631-632-9750


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