Kimberly Christian 
Professional Title & Affiliation:
Biology Teacher, Smithtown High School East
Educational Background:
M.A.T. Biology, Stony Brook University (2004)
B.S. Biology, Cornell University (2003)


Research Interests:
             I am interested in the motivation of students to select a certain undergraduate major and career path during high school.  In particular, I am hoping to explore the factors that influence high school students to choose a course of study in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and math).  I believe a student’s exposure to career options in the STEM fields during their high school years is a significant driving force in their choice to pursue a future in a STEM area of study.  My goal is to identify the influences on student choice of career path during high school and identify specific teaching practices that will increase student motivation to pursue the STEM disciplines in college and beyond.