Participating Stony Brook University Researchers

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Department Faculty Name
Applied Mathematics & Statistics Green, David
  Rizzo, Robert
Biochemistry & Cell Biology Brown, Deborah
  Citovsky, Vitaly
  Czaplinski, Kevin
  Gergen, Peter
  Haltiwanger, Robert
  Holdener, Bernadette
  Hollingsworth, Nancy
  Simon, Sanford
  Thomsen, Gerald
Biomedical Engineering Frame, Molly
  Judex, Stefan
  Rubin, Clint
Chemistry Boon, Elizabeth
  Carrico, Isaac
  Sampson, Nicole
  Simmerling, Carlos
  Tonge, Peter
Ecology & Evolution Bell, Michael
  Levinton, Jeff
  Rest, Joshua
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Bliska, James
  Hayman, Michael
  Konopka, James
  Krug, Laurie
  Reich, Nancy
  Thanassi, David
Neurobiology and Behavior Collins, William
  Evinger, Craig
  Ge, Shaoyu
  Kritzer, Mary
  Role, Lorna
  Sirotkin, Howard
Pathology Kew, Richard
Shroyer, Kenneth
  Zhi, Jizu
Pharmacological Sciences Bogenhagen, Daniel
  Frohman, Michael
  Garcia-Diaz, Miguel
  Scharer, Orlando
  Seeliger, Markus
  Talmage, David
  Tsirka, Styliani-Anna
Physiology & Biophysics Bowen, Mark
  Scarlata, Suzanne







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January 28: Registration deadline for North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO)


*NEW* High School Applied Math Program - Fall and/or Spring semesters   

February 6: Astronomy Open Night - "What we know (and don't know) about core collapse supernovae" (Dr. Doug Swesty)

February 13: Living World Open Night - "The Evolution of Human Languages: An Evolutionary Biologist's Perspective" (Dr. Mark Pagel)

February 20: Physics Open Night - "A Close Look to the Theory of Everything" (Dr. Martin Rocek)

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