Participating Stony Brook University Researchers

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Department Faculty Name
Biochemistry & Cell Biology Brown, Deborah
  Czaplinski, Kevin
  French, Jarrod
  Martin, Benjamin
  Moloney, Daniel
  Neiman, Aaron
Biomedical Engineering Entcheva, Emilia
  Judex, Stefan
  Rubenstein, David
  Rubin, Clint
Chemistry Laughlin, Scott
  Simmerling, Carlos
Ecology and Evolution Michael Bell
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Bliska, James
  Carter, Carol
  Hayman, Michael
Neurobiology and Behavior Levine, Joel
  Sirotkin, Howard
Pharmacological Sciences Bogenhagen, Daniel
  Colognato, Holly
  Garcia-Diaz, Miguel
  Scharer, Orlando
Preventive Medicine/Medicine Jennie Williams







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*NEW* High School Applied Math Program - Fall and/or Spring semesters   

September 19: Physics Open Night - "Shining Synchrotron Light on Exotic Magnets" (Dr. Dario Arena)

October 3: Astronomy Open Night -  "Habitable Planets: Hype or Hope?" (Dr. Fred Walter)

October 10: Physics Open Night - "The Role of Nuclear Power on a Warming Planet" (Max Katz)

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