Linda Padwa receives 2014 Provost's Outstanding Lecturer Award

Congratulations to Linda Padwa for receiving this prestigious award. Linda was honored for her ongoing, distinguished service as teacher, mentor and role model for our students.

Linda has worked in the Science Education program since 2003 where she and her colleague, Caren Gough, prepare students to become science teachers. More than 400 students have received New York State teaching certification during her tenure.

"Linda is an outstanding, highly experienced professional and a major asset to the university. The science teacher preparation program at Stony Brook is one of the most successful programs in the nation and it is in no small measure to the efforts, work and commitment of Linda Padwa", states CESAME Director Keith Sheppard.

Linda is currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Science Education. She has passed the doctoral qualifying exam and is in the final stages of completing her thesis proposal. In September 2014 she will advance to candidacy and enter the final stages of her doctoral work.

Congratulations, Linda!


Photo caption: Linda Padwa, Director of CESAME Keith Sheppard & Caren Gough


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