Stony Brook undergraduates win awards at a national Biomedical Research Conference

Dr. Dan Moloney, Dr. Jennie Williams, and nine undergraduates from Stony Brook University’s Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) program attended the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) in Nashville, TN in November 2013.

Stony Brook MARC fellows, Laura Menocal (photo: middle) and Dara Bobb-Semple (photo: right) won awards for their research poster presentations in the fields of cancer biology and engineering, respectively.  Laura is a senior majoring in Biology and is conducting research in the laboratory of Dr. Jennie Williams (department of Preventive Medicine).  Dara is a senior majoring in Chemistry and is conducting research in the laboratory of Dr. Stanislaus Wong (department of Chemistry).  Dr. Dan Moloney (photo: left) is the MARC fellowship program director.


Hamid Hussaini, a participant in Stony Brook’s BioPREP summer research program in 2012 (directed by Drs. Dan Moloney and Jennie Williams) received an award for his research poster at ABRCMS 2013 in the field of genetics.  Hamid is a junior at SUNY Buffalo.



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