Current Grant & External Support

Current Sponsor/Title Award   PI & Co-PIs
2011-2015 National Science Foundation $749,486 Sheppard, Keith
Robert Noyce Scholarship Program Berger, Lisa 
2010-2014 Howard Hughes Medical Institute $1,500,000 Bynum, R. David
Undergraduate Science Education
2009-2014 National Science Foundation $1,593,092 Hanson, Gilbert
GeoPREP Track 2: Expanding the Geoscience Bynum, R. David
Pathway Colle, Brian
Ferguson, David
Lwiza, Kamazima
2009-2014 National Institutes of Health $1,347,898 Moloney, Daniel
Minority Access to Research Careers Williams, Jennie
2009-2014 Toyota Foundation $493,875 Sheppard, Keith
Biotechnology and Beyond Teaching Laboratories Bynum, R. David
  Berger, Lisa
2011-2014 Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation $50,000 Aubrecht, Kate
Chemistry & Sustainability: Hands-On   Sheppard, Keith
Workshops for Grades 7-12   Padwa, Linda
2007-2015 Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation $450,000 Squires, Nancy
2013-2014 National Science Foundation $219,295 Nehm, Ross
Transforming STEM Assessment Methodologies:  
Research on Cognitive Models of Natural Selection  
Cyber-Enabled Measurement  
2013-2014 National Science Foundation $62,497 Nehm, Ross
Collaborative Research: Educational Assessment  
Tools for Genomics and Bioinformatics Education  
2013-2022 DellaPietra Private Donation $500,000 Bynum, David
Accelerated High School Math Program  
2013-2018 National Science Foundation $437,885 Nehm, Ross
Collaborative Research: Expanding a National  
Network for Automated Analysis of Constructed  
Response Assessments to Reveal Student  
Thinking in STEM  
2013-2018 National Science Foundation $61,519 Kelly, Angela
STEM Mentoring Initiative Project  
2013-2018 National Institutes of Health $1,653,896 Moloney, Daniel
Partnership for Excellence in Biomedical Sciences   Williams, Jennie
Total Current Support $9,119,443




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October 16: Living World Open Night - "Coastal Ocean Acidification" (Dr. Christopher Gobler)

October 23: Geology Open Night - "Deciphering the Climate History of Mars through the Mineralogic Record" (Dr. Deanne Rogers)

October 30: Astronomy Open Night - "Are we decendents of Martians? Will we someday be Martians?" (Dr. Fred Walter)

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