Keith Sheppard
Director, CESAME;
Associate Professor;
Director, Ph.D. Program in Science Education
R. David Bynum
Associate Director;
Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Judy Nimmo
Debra Pelio
Senior Staff Assistant
Kate Aubrecht
Assistant Professor of Chemistry;
Director of Sustainable Chemistry Teaching Laboratory

Lisa Berger
Associate Professor, Mathematics;
Mathematics Education Program Director

Mónica F. Bugallo
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering;
Director of Engineering Summer Camp

Caren Gough
Teacher Education Program
Gilbert Hanson
Distinguished Service Professor
Director, MAT in Earth Science

David Kahn
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Angela Kelly
Associate Professor of Physics;
Associate Director of Ph.D. Program in Science Education

Joan Kiely
Lecturer, Biochemistry & Cell Biology;
Director, Biotechnology Teaching Laboratory

Deirdre Killebrew
Biotechnology Teaching Laboratory

Robert McCarthy
Professor of Physics;
Director of MAT in Physics
Daniel Moloney
Research Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Cell Biology;
Director of NIH Bridges and MARC programs
Ross Nehm
Associate Professor of Ecology & Evolution;
Ph.D. Science Education Biology Faculty Advisor
Susan Oatis
Lecturer, Chemistry;
Director of MAT in Chemistry
Linda Padwa
Associate Director of Teacher Education Program
Gregory Rushton
Associate Professor of Chemistry;
Ph.D. Science Education Chemistry Faculty Advisor

Jennie Williams
Research Assistant Professor of Medicine

Zuzana Zachar
Research Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Director of MAT in Biology


Steve Dickson
Co-Director, Earth Science Teaching Laboratory

Chris Marotta
Co-Director, Earth Science Teaching Laboratory
Kathy Rocklein
Director of Chemistry Teaching Laboratory

Harry Stuckey
Director of Physics Teaching Laboratory

Kristen Vadasz
Education Specialist
Instructor, Biotechnology Teaching Laboratory


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October 9: Physics Open Night - "Spin Crisis: What do we know now" (Dr. Abhay Deshpande)

October 16: Living World Open Night - "Coastal Ocean Acidification" (Dr. Christopher Gobler)

October 23: Geology Open Night - "Deciphering the Climate History of Mars through the Mineralogic Record" (Dr. Deanne Rogers)

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