Harry Stuckey, M.S.
Director, Physics Teaching Laboratory

M.S. - Mathematics, Adelphi University 
M.S. - Earth Science, Adelphi University 
B.A. - Mathematics, Adelphi University  

Harry Stuckey is the laboratory director for the Physics Teaching Center.  He has been deeply involved with the development and implementation of its initial experimental offerings.

Mr. Stuckey taught in public high schools for over 33 years.  The majority of this time was spent at Garden City High School, where he taught all levels of first year physics and AP-C physics.  He attended numerous workshops at locations including Brookhaven National Laboratory, Fermilab, Polytechnic Institute of New York, Dartmouth College and Ithaca College.  He completed two research summers at BNL, as a Teacher Research Associate in 1989 and as a QuarkNet Research Teacher in 2005.  From 1992-1996, he served as a staff member for “Computer Based Laboratories for Science Teachers,” an NSF-funded program sponsored by Ithaca College.  He has assisted in the presentation of QuarkNet summer workshops and is involved in its offshoot, the MARIACHI Experiment.  He remains active in the Long Island Physics Teachers’ Association and serves on its Executive Board.

In June 2009, he became educational advisor for science on Cablevision's high school quiz show, The Challenge.

E-mail:  hasmort@optonline.net


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February 20: Physics Open Night - "A Close Look to the Theory of Everything" (Dr. Martin Rocek)

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