Keith Sheppard, Ed.D.

Research Description

My research focuses on three areas of science education - all with the fundamental aim of improving the teaching and learning of science at every level of education.

History of Science Education.
The historical development and role of laboratory work in science and science education from its origins in Germany to its widespread adoption in the USA (see Sheppard & Horowitz, 2006 J. Chem Ed  83 566-570 for more details). The historical development of US high school science curriculum and course sequencing (see Sheppard & Robbins 2006. J. Chem. Ed. 83 1617-1620).

Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Scientific Concepts.
How do students learn various topics in the field of chemistry, such as acid-base chemistry (see Sheppard 2007. Chem. Educ. Research and Prac. 7 32 ) and what strategies can be utilized to improve their learning.

Informal Science Education.
Research into the learning and teaching of science outside of formal educational settings such as museums, nature centers, biology teaching laboratories (see Stroud, Groome, Connolly & Sheppard, 2007 Astronomy Educ. Rev. 5  1-13).

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