Keith Sheppard, Ed.D.

Doctoral Advisees

The following are former and current doctoral students. Their present positions are indicated.

Dennis M. Robbins, “The Unnatural Order of Things: A History of the High School Science Sequence” (2004).  Associate Professor Science Education, Hunter College, CUNY.

Brian Baldwin, “ Technology Integration Practice in Science Teacher Education: A Case Study of Two Courses in a Science Teacher Preparation Program” (2005).  Assistant Professor Science Education, Kean University, NJ.

Andrea Gay, “No One does this for Fun: Contextualization and Process Writing in an Organic Chemistry Laboratory Course” (2005).  Assistant Professor Chemistry and Science Education, Chicago State University, IL

William A. Soliman, “ An Examination of Past and Present Influences on University Chemistry Education” (2006).

Angela M. Kelly, “ Newton in the Big Apple: Issues of Equity in Physics Access and Enrollment in New York City Public High Schools” (2006).  Assistant Professor Science Education, Lehman College, CUNY

Meghan Groome, “Student Questions in Urban Middle School Science Classrooms” (2007).  Consultant, American Museum of Natural History, NY

Renhong Wang, “ A Qualitative Study of High School Students’ Pre- and Post-Instructional Conceptions in Chemical Bonding” (2008). Chemistry Teacher,  A. Philip Randolph High School NY.

Chih-Che Tai, “ Students’ Understanding of Combustion and its Instruction” (2009). Assistant Professor of Science Education, East Tennessee State University.

Calder Barrows, “A Qualitative Study of teaching a Science Topic in a Mini-Lesson Instructional Learning Environment” (2010)


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