Chris Marotta, M.A.T.

Co-Director, Earth Science Teaching Laboratory


BS Accounting, New York Institute of Technology
MAT Earth Science, Stony Brook University
New York State Teacher Certifications
     Earth Science Grades 7-12
     Biology Grades 7-12
     General Science 5-12


Christopher M. Marotta is a Co-Director for the Earth Science Teaching Laboratories.  He works alongside Steve Dickson creating curriculum and running laboratory programs for Stony Brook’s  GEOPREP and CESAME Programs. 

He is an educational consultant for the Center for Earth and Space Science Education.  He also serves as a research supervisor, for Dr. E. Troy Rasbury’s Summer Research Program.  This program provides opportunities and guidance for high school students whom are conducting scientific research which may lead these students toward earning Intel, Siemans and Westinghouse Awards as well as other recognition. Additionally, Chris serves as a Science Olympiad Coach for several public school districts. He also mentors his own four children.

Before teaching, Chris served honorably in the United States Air Force.  He earned an Accounting Degree in 1991 and became an Internal Auditor.  He is also an officer of the New York Paleontological Society, American Museum of Natural History, N.Y., and leads many field trips.  Chris is the current president of the Hallock Family Association, Hallockville Farm, Riverhead, NY.



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January 28: Registration deadline for North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO)


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February 6: Astronomy Open Night - "What we know (and don't know) about core collapse supernovae" (Dr. Doug Swesty)

February 13: Living World Open Night - "The Evolution of Human Languages: An Evolutionary Biologist's Perspective" (Dr. Mark Pagel)

February 20: Physics Open Night - "A Close Look to the Theory of Everything" (Dr. Martin Rocek)

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