Kristen La Magna, MAT 
Education Specialist & Laboratory Manager, Biotechnology Teaching Laboratory

BS Biology, Stony Brook University
MAT Biology, Stony Brook University
New York State Teacher Certifications
     Biology Grades 7-12
     Earth Science Grades 7-12
     General Science 5-12


I am the lab manager and an instructor for the Biotechnology Teaching Laboratory.  After graduating with my BS in Biology from Stony Brook University in 2008, I enrolled in the MAT Biology program.  During the program I began teaching in the Biotechnology Teaching Laboratory and completed my student teaching in West Islip School District.  In the BTL, I work with current MAT students by training and mentoring them to become instructors in the lab.  I am also working to bring new and innovative activities to the labs to enhance the experience for the students.  During the summer, I am involved in teaching and assisting in the Chancellor’s Education Pipeline Biomedical Research Award for NYS Community College Students, BioPREP and Biotechnology Summer Camp programs.

This past summer I presented my work on high school students and the use of 3-D tactile protein models at the Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) national meeting.

 Student-designed tactile models for use in their own learning
In the Biotechnology Summer Camp at Stony Brook University, 3D tactile models were designed by high school students and printed using rapid prototyping technology for use in structure/function classroom exercises.  Students designed and printed a 3D model of insulin, which they subsequently used for manipulation during a lecture about its molecular structure and role in recombinant technology.  Student understanding of insulin structure and function was measured using pre/post concept maps and pre/post sketches.  Student perceptual ability was measured using the Dental Admission Perceptual Ability Test.  Preliminary findings suggest that students improve their biological concept understanding by using the 3D visualization strategies.  The rubric for assessing model understanding was developed from surveys and video recorded interviews with undergraduates and faculty.  Novice students exhibited a broad range of understanding and misconceptions that are being used to design a more effective rubric for measuring learning gains. Supported in part by HHMI Grant# 52006940

Outside of CESAME, I am an active group fitness instructor, teaching classes both on campus for SBU students and off campus.  I currently hold national certification through AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America).  I hold licenses with Zumba® Fitness and Turbo Kick®.  I am currently pursuing my personal trainer certification through AFAA.


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December 11: Physics Open Night - "Chirality: from ancient Egypt to tomorrow's technologies" (Dr. Dmitri Kharzeev)

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