Joan Kiely, M.S. 
Director, Biotechnology Teaching Center
Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

B.S. Microbiology and Public Health, Michigan State
Health Management and Technology, Stony Brook
M.S. Molecular Microbiology, Stony Brook University

Biology Scholar of the American Society for Microbiology

My interests include development of science curricula that actively engages students in learning, education of secondary-school science teachers and outreach to the community.  My work is mainly focused on microbiology, protein biochemistry and cell biology.  I welcome inquiries from teachers and potential collaborators interested in science education.

BIO 515 Topics in Microbiology:  This course for secondary-school teachers is focused the ways microbiology can be integrated with introductory biology.  Concepts covered include: food production with microbes, probiotics, yeast cell biology and laboratory activities that can be used in the introductory biology classroom.  The message is that yeast and bacteria are our partners.

BIO 364 Techniques in Cancer Biology: Dr. J. Williams and I developed this course to introduce undergraduate students to current biomedical research through lectures, laboratory activities and discussion groups.

Outreach Programs:
Biotechnology Teaching Center: This is a hands-on learning experience in a modern molecular biology for secondary-school students and their teachers.

The Protein Challenge: This competition is for teams students from area high schools.  Participants build a model of an assigned protein based on x-ray crystallography data and write an essay about the structure and function.  The competition is now in its sixth year.

Students Modeling a Research Topic (SMART):  This three to four month program for high school students and their teacher is a deeper exploration of protein chemistry.  The teams focus on a single protein, learning about its structure and function.  The project culminates with the printing of a 3D-model designed by the students.  
Key to the success of these outreach programs is collaboration among Stony Brook students in the Master of Science Education program, Stony Brook faculty and area high school teachers.

Biology Scholars Program aims to improve and sustain undergraduate science education



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