Nadia Stoyanova Kennedy, Ph.D.
Director, Undergraduate Mathematics Teacher Education

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Ed.D, Mathematics Education, Montclair State University
M.S. in Pure Mathematics.  Sofia State University
B.S. in Mathematics.  Sofia State University, Sofia,


Nadia Stoyanova Kennedy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, and affiliate of the PEP (Professional Education Program) at Stony Brook University. While she was completing her doctoral studies in Mathematics Education, she held part time positions at Montclair State University and Adelphi University. From 1985 to 2000, she was a classroom mathematics teacher in Bulgaria, specializing in middle and high school mathematics. During 1999 and 2000 she taught mathematics for gifted students in the American College of Sofia.


Fields of Inquiry

  1. Argumentation in mathematical classroom contexts
  2. Community of inquiry theory and practice
  3. Philosophy of mathematics education
  4. Complexity theory and mathematics education
  5. Reconstructing teacher education in mathematics

Research Foci

  1. Mathematical inquiry and curriculum development
  2. Promoting reflective practices in teacher education
  3. Argumentation patterns and their evolution in group inquiry
  4. Development of the Community of Inquiry (CI) model in mathematics teaching and learning and in teacher education
  5. Recent Research Projects
    Developing and piloting curriculum materials for critical mathematical inquiry with children
    Analyzing students’ philosophical mathematical questions
    Theorizing Community of Inquiry as a medium for different modes of mathematical inquiry

Projects with Math Education Students
An enrichment program, “Meaningful Advantageous Tactical Hands-on (MATH) Program” for middle school students on the main Stony Brook University Campus. Students who participated: Tina Yang, Michael LaBarbara, Fall 2007; Tina Yang, and Michael LaBarbara, Spring 2008, Tina Yang and Irina Gambarova, Summer 2008.  

A summer math camp, “Stony Brook Math Scholar Program” for 50 middle school students from Brentwood school district in Long Island. Four undergraduate and graduate mathematics education students (Tina Yang, Irina Gambarova, Joe Pastore, Marianthi Karavidis, Summer 2008) developed the course activities and worked with middle school students during the camp. The program was supported by a grant from the MAA and Tensor Foundation.

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