David Kahn 
Assistant Professor of Mathematics


B.S., Applied Mathematics & History, University of Wisconsin at Madison

M.B.A., Finance, University of Wisconsin at Madison

J.D., Benjamin Cardozo School of Law


David Kahn is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the Center for Science and Math Education and the director of CESAME’s Summer Mathematics Program and its Pre-College Institute for Applied Mathematics.

David has taught undergraduate courses in Intermediate Algebra, Precalculus, and Calculus, and graduate classes in Business Calculus and Mathematics of Finance. In addition, he has taught high school courses in Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Precalculus, AP Calculus, and IB Higher Level Mathematics. He has also taught Advanced Topics in Fifth and Sixth grade Mathematics to underprivileged, gifted students in New York City.   David is also the author of several books on Regents Mathematics Level B and Level III, and a book on AP Calculus.

David holds Bachelors degrees in Applied Mathematics and in History from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, an MBA in Finance, also from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City.

David is also the president of KahnTest, a private tutoring company in New York City.

Tel:  631-632-9750
E-mail:  david.kahn@stonybrook.edu


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December 11: Physics Open Night - "Chirality: from ancient Egypt to tomorrow's technologies" (Dr. Dmitri Kharzeev)

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