R. David Bynum, Ph.D.

Invited Talks

"Excellence in Training Scientists to be Effective Teachers", Panel Discussion, New York Academy of Sciences (New York, NY) October 2013

"Building External Relationships. Women of Color Conference", Mercy College (New York, NY) April 2012.

"Teacher Preparation Quality Initiative".  Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (Boulder, CO) April 2012.

"Closing the Gaps, Promoting College Access and Success for Low-income Students, The 17th Annual Leadership Symposium (Stony Brook University) March 2012.

"This Week in Science & Education" Virtual Researcher on Call podcast (London, Ontario) December 2011.

"Summer Undergraduate Experience in Stem Cell Research".  NYSTEM Education Programs Workshop (New York, New York) May 2011.

"Entrepreneurship and Science Education". University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR) May 2011.

"Life Cycle Professional Development".  Bynum, D, Karnilow, S., Long Island Works Coalition, Adelphi University (Garden City, NY) May 2011.

"Sustaining, Growing and Improving Teacher Education Programs".   Bynum, RD, Stapleton, S. Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Chevy Chase, MD) October 2010.

Represent New York State at the twenty-six state Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers meeting (Washington, D.C.) September 2010

"Entrepreneurship and Science Education".  Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative National Conference (Cincinnati, OH) June 2010.

"Entrepreneurship and Science Education".  Association for Science Teacher Education (Hartford, CT) January 2009.

Center for Science and Mathematics Education”.  Rayburn House Office Building (Washington, D.C.) May 2008.

“Entrepreneurship and Science Education”.  Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Washington, D.C.) May 2008.

“Entrepreneurship and Science Education”.  Thirteen/WLIW21 Teaching and Learning Celebration (Manhattan, NY) March 2008.

“Entrepreneurship and Science Education”.  New York State Business and Education Leadership Council (Manhattan, NY) January 2008.

“Center for Science and Mathematics Education”. National Governor’s Council STEM Policy Academy (Denver, CO) November 2008.

“Center for Science and Mathematics Education”.  Association for Science Teacher Education Northeast Section (Amherst, MA) October 2007.

“Andersen, J, Bynum, RD.  “Science Education Brings Balance between the Two Cultures”, Oxford Roundtable (Oxford, England) June 2007.

New York State Chair, Convocation on Rising above the Gathering Storm. National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC) September 2006.

Mentoring”, Long Island/State University of New York Town Meeting.  (Brentwood, NY) December 2005.

“Leveraging the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring”.  National Science Foundation Division of Human Resource Development (HRD) Joint Annual Meeting (Arlington, VA)  May 2005. 

Biology/Biochemistry Convocation Address, The Meaning of Mentorship.  May 2004.

Understanding the Universe – Education and Outreach: A National Initiative.  Participant in National Science Foundation planning meeting (Arlington, VA) April 2004.

“The Vision of the Long Island Group Advancing Science Education”.  Ceremony for Presidential Award for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (Washington, D.C.) March 2003.

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