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Card Services

This section describes the features that are available on the Campus Card.


This card is the official identification for Stony Brook University.

Dining Services (Meal Plan)

The sixteen-digit number on the front of your Campus Card is your meal plan or dining service number. This number is also encoded on the magnetic strip on the back of your Campus Card and can be read at any dining location on campus. If you should have a problem with the card at a dining location, please report it first to the Meal Plan Office at (631) 632 6517. You may activate and add money to your meal plan (in addition to other meal plan functions) at www.campusdining.org.

All monies deposited on the card for the Bookstore Plan, Meal Plan and laundry services are retrievable and will reside on the replacement card

Your Campus Card is important to your day to day activities at Stony Brook University. The card may also be of monetary value to you. It is important to take care of it properly. To prevent damage, DO NOT:

  • Mark or bend the card
  • Punch holes in the card
  • Scratch the magnetic stripe on the card
  • Adhere stickers to the card

NOTE: Should the card holder request a replacement card based on the above type of damage or other similar card holder activity which destroys the card, the card holder will be charged the full replacement fee for the new Campus Card.

For additional information on Meal Plans, Bookstore Plans, or laundry services, please go to the Faculty Student Association website.


The sixteen-digit number on the front of the Campus Card is your library patron number. Problems/questions?

Banking Services

Available to all who obtain a card is the ability to become a member of Teacher's Federal Credit Union (TFCU). The University has partnered with TFCU to provide banking services to those who wish to sign with TFCU. The new card will act as your ATM/Debit Card. For those who wish to take advantage of these services, you will receive a free checking account with a $1 deposit into a TFCU savings account. There are three TFCU ATMs located around campus for ease of access to the accounts.

Bookstore Campus Account

The sixteen-digit number on the front of your Campus Card is also your bookstore campus account number, and can be read at the registers in the University Bookstore and HSC Bookstore. Apply for a Bookstore Campus Account...


Resident students are given a card that contains a prox wire embedded within the card. This card will permit students to have access to their residence facility.

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