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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Stony Brook get a new campus card?

Research on new card systems began a few years ago and the campus was looking for ways to reduce cash transactions and provide faster and more convenient services to students and staff. These goals required a new card program.

Services included will be debit-like transactions at certain locations around campus and security access to residence halls. The card, at the option of the cardholder, may become a banking debit card for purchases and banking related services.

Why isn't my Social Security Number (SSN) on the campus card?

To protect your privacy! Stony Brook University uses the 9-digit PeopleSoft number (EMPL ID#) for student and staff identification. Unlike Social Security Numbers, the EMPL ID# generated by PeopleSoft works only at Stony Brook University.

Where did the EMPL ID# come from?

This number is a sequentially and unduplicated number assigned by the University and unique to the cardholder. It is only valid and usable at Stony Brook University.

Why do I need to show a picture ID to get a new campus card?

This is a visual verification; no information is recorded from the picture ID. This procedure is designed to protect the privacy of each person obtaining a card and add security to the carding procedure.

Do I have to pay for my Stony Brook campus card?

No. The first card is provided at no charge. However, the charge for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards is $25.00 each time.

If I lose my card, is the money on my card retrievable?


What method of payment do you accept for placing money on the card?

You can either provide cash or credit/debit card for placement of funds on the purses.

Where do I activate my meal plan?

Your meal plan may be activated via the Campus Dinning Services or in person at the Meal Plan Office. The Meal Plan Office is located in Room 250 of the Stony Brook Union building. The Campus Card Office will only reactivate replacement cards.

There used to be a library bar code on the front of the old Stony Brook ID, where is it and how do I use the library now?

With the new technology, the patron bar coding system is no longer used on the Stony Brook campus card. Libraries (including the Melville Library and HSC Library) have been retooled to accept your campus card and read the sixteen digit number of the front of your card as your patron identification. If you have any questions/concerns, please visit either library's main circulation desk.

What do I do if my card doesn't work or if I have more questions about services?

Contact either campus card office for technical support and or advice.

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