Requirements for joining the Calverton Business Incubator:

The process begins by submitting a short application of interest that is followed by a meeting between the incubator director and the applicant company to discuss the applicant’s product/service, to assess the entrepreneur’s willingness to be a part of the program and to determine if an association with the incubator will add value to the development of the entrepreneur’s business.

The completed application is then submitted to the members of the Tenant Selection Committee established by Stony Brook University.

Selection criteria used in evaluating applications to the incubator program include:

  • [1] Consistency of the venture’s identified or planned industry or business sector with SBU’s mission of supporting the future leaders of the high technology economy of Long Island.
  • [2] Demonstration of capacity to achieve the business goals of the venture; including expertise in chosen technology field(s), market assessment, management team, adequacy of financial support. It is expected that the applicant will submit an executive summary of the business plan as part of the application process, but lack of a business plan will not disqualify an applicant from consideration. However, if accepted, the venture must agree to work with the Small Business Development Center or obtain other appropriate expertise to prepare a business plan and must submit this plan at the first annual review.
  • [3] Preference is given to applicants desiring to interact with University facilities and staff, and demonstrating ability and willingness to participate in/benefit from University mission/activities, especially its economic development programs.

To receive approval and complete an agreement for the licensing of space in one of these facilities, applicant must:

  • [1] Demonstrate ability to pay facility use fee for the first six months.
  • [2] Agree to comply with all federal, state and local laws, licensing and permitting requirements, and all applicable campus policies. Failure to comply will trigger an immediate review of occupancy.
  • [3] Make every effort to interact with/utilize programs, facilities and/or technologies of Stony Brook University.

A one-month security payment must be made in advance of admission and an insurance policy, including workers compensation, must be in force prior to occupancy.