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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GreenBill?

GreenBill is Stony Brook University's paper-less billing program. The program took effect following the Fall 2009 semester, after which paper bills are no longer being mailed. The program's intent is to reduce paper waste, by eliminating paper billing statements.

Can I Opt-Out?

No. Stony Brook no longer generates paper bills, so participation in the program is mandatory.

How can I see my bill online?

Your bill is available on SOLAR at all times, and can be viewed by navigating to the Account Summary/What Do I Owe? panel under Campus Financial Services. (Instructions)

How will I be notified when my bill is due?

An email notification containing a link to the Stony Brook University SOLAR system and information regarding the payment due date will be sent each month to every student with an outstanding balance.

What if I need a paper bill?

Paper bills will not automatically be generated for any student. However, if you find you need a paper bill for any reason, you can:

  • Print a paper bill yourself through SOLAR (Instructions).
  • Contact the student accounts office at (631)632-BILL to request a paper bill. A separate request would need to be made each time a bill is needed. No paper bill will be automatically generated.

Have additional questions?

Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Accounts with any questions regarding the GreenBill program.