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Tuition Sharing Policy for Summer & Winter Sessions

Over the past three years, Stony Brook University has experienced a significant number of reductions to its State Purpose operating budget totaling $62 million. The campus expects to receive another round of reductions in fiscal year 11-12.  We estimate those cuts to be approximately $16 million or more.

The generation of new revenue provides us with an opportunity to help offset these reductions. In the last two years, academic departments have generated an additional $4.8 million in annual graduate tuition due to increased enrollments, resulting in $3.4 million in new revenue that was returned to the academic units. The remaining $1.4 million was used to support the central campus budget and provide additional resources to other areas supporting those activities. Due to the success of this program, the President has agreed to extend the tuition sharing agreement for summer and winter session for both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Effective FY 11/12, academic units will receive 70% of the tuition generated by the Summer and Winter session enrollments. The remaining 30% of the tuition generated will be used to cover the fringe benefit and administrative overhead costs associated with running these programs. This effectively redistributes an additional 10% of the summer/winter revenue (approximately $1.5 million) to the academic units. This decision will hopefully provide areas with an additional incentive to expand our summer/winter course offerings which will generate additional revenue to offset the campus budget reductions. The tuition revenue will be distributed to the academic Vice Presidents for allocation to the appropriate units (i.e. for the Provost currently allocates 55% to the department, 7.5% to the Dean, and 7.5% to the Provost).

Here's a description of how this new policy will work:

  1. Starting in FY 11/12 academic areas will receive 70% of the tuition revenue generated by the enrollments in their Summer and Winter session classes.  The remaining 30% of the tuition generated will be used to cover the fringe benefit and administrative overhead costs associated with running those programs.

  2. This program is being implemented with the 11/12 fringe benefit charge (mandated by System Administration) at 25%. In the future, if that figure increases significantly (i.e. by 2% or more) this 70-30% tuition sharing agreement will need to be reviewed.  Summer and Winter revenue must grow at a substantial enough rate so that the 30% generated by the anticipated growth in enrollments will be enough to offset the impact of the larger fringe benefit assessment being covered by that revenue stream or this policy may have to be modified.

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