Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I budget negatives in my area and how do I get a report listing them?

Unit chiefs who plan on balancing their State budget by transferring State expenses to other sources may anticipate these transfers by budgeting negative allocation in the Campus Budget Module (CBM).

Example: Department A has a State budget of $1,000,000. They also expect to generate $500,000 in net summer/winter tuition revenue. So, they budget $500,000 in CBM.  This effectively increases their State spending authority from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000.

Because of increasingly liberal use of negatives in CBM, we are requiring that they be substantiated.

In CBM, run report 14 to obtain a report of the negatives budgeted in your area.

I have been contacted by my VP coordinator and/or the Accounting Office about IFR accounts with structural deficits. What happens if I do nothing?

Your new year State allocation will be reduced to cover the deficits in your IFR accounts.

In accordance to the IFR Deficit Policy, on an accrual basis, each IFR account is expected to reach a break-even status at the end of each fiscal year.

What should I do to address my IFR accounts with structural deficits?

You should (1) adjust this year's IFR activity to resolve the deficit, and/or (2) obtain approval via the Accounting Office if your deficit resolution plan may extend beyond 6/30/17.

I have an IFR account with a healthy cash balance. Is it at risk of "being scooped"?

There is currently no central plan to scoop VP areas' IFR cash.  However, where appropriate, units with IFR accounts with structural deficits may need to transfer funding within the IFR/SUTRA funds in order to resolve their deficit balances.

Will departments have to absorb the costs of union raises?

Yes; in the event that the State does not fund the State costs associated with contractual salary increases (CSIs), you should plan to internally reduce your expenses by 2-3% in order to have the resources to be able to addresses the future CSI costs.

The State has not funded SUNY’s State CSI costs for the last three years. The campus has been self-funding these costs by distributing State reductions to each VP area and then funding the CSI costs from this resource.

Will we get our State rollovers back?

Provided that your VP area adheres to the Surplus/Deficit Policy, the State rollovers will be returned to VP areas.  However, each VP has the autonomy to handle their internal rollovers independently.

How do I account for enrollment increases in my undergraduate programs?

Currently, the campus does not have a revenue sharing plan in place for undergraduate enrollment.

If your school will be significantly impacted by the campus’s undergraduate enrollment plan, please submit a budget request to offset the resulting costs your area will incur to support the additional enrollment.

All budget requests must be submitted by the deadlines of the new budget process timeline.

As a VP Coordinator or Dean-level Financial Manager , how can I get involved?
 Attend the monthly Financial Leaders meetings.
I don't have enough allocation to make a purchase. What should I do?
 Contact your VP Coordinator.
How do I process allocation transfers between VP areas?
 Contact the Budget Office at 2-6090.
How do I process allocation transfers within my VP area?
 Contact the Accounting Office at 2-6040.
How do I get assistance with the PeopleSoft Campus Budget Module (CBM)?
How do I get information regarding UWide and Special Appropriations programs?
 Contact the Budget Office at 2-6090.
How to I get answers to other questions?
 Input your question on the Budget Feedback page.


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