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Budget Management

SUNY Management Resource Tool
The SUNY Management Resource Tool (SMRT) is a web-based application for viewing information in appropriated accounts.  This integrated tool generates account balance, month end, purchase order, payroll summary, and transaction detail reports.  The SMRT database holds information for the current fiscal year and the past two fiscal years for SUNY appropriated accounts. 

The Budget Office provides training for SMRT users each year.  Training dates are listed at the Human Resource Services website.

Click below to access the SMRT manual which contains detailed instructions for using the SUNY Management Resource Tool.

 bullet SMRT Manual

See also:

 bullet Managing IFR Accounts Powerpoint



SUNY Business Intelligence
SUNY Business Intelligence is a web-based application developed by SUNY Central that will replace SMRT and certain SUNY Legacy functions. It consists of multiple Financials dashboards.

This document gives an overview of accessing dashboards in the SUNY BI environment:

 bullet SUNY BI Overview

The Transaction Inquiry dashboard provides data to replace what was formerly available via the SUNY Legacy SCAJ and PCAJ functions. Click below to access the Transaction Inquiry documentation provided by SUNY Central:

 bullet SUNY BI Transaction Inquiry

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