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2017/2018 Budget Preparation Cycle

  PeopleSoft Sign-on Instructions for ALL Users

PeopleSoft version 9.0 is accessible from the web for ALL users. Sign-on information is below:

The URL to access PeopleSoft version 9.0 is:

To start the application, you should copy this URL, open Internet Explorer, paste it in the Address bar of Internet Explorer, and Click Go.

From the PeopleSoft 9.0 sign-on screen, enter your CBM userid and password in all capitals and click Sign In.

If you have forgotten your PeopleSoft password, you should contact the Computer Accounts office either by calling 2-8011 or by submitting a trouble ticket using this URL:

When you contact Computer Accounts, identify your problem as a "PeopleSoft Admin. Password problem."

 CBM Features


  • When budgeting negative allocation, you MUST include a clarifying note in the OSE or OTPS Notes field. Since we copy notes forward from the prior model, it is important that you update each note to explain the negative entries in this year's model.
  • Negative FTE related to OSE budgeted in State accounts (for employees that will be charged to other funds during the fiscal year) must be input in CBM.  Your Form1 submission will not be accepted if you fail to budget the negative FTE amounts.  [State Fund 10 accounts only]

In order to use the ‘Download to Excel’ feature in PeopleSoft 9.0, you will need to add to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer.  (This only needs to be done once.)  To do this:

  • From the Internet Explorer pop-up message, click on Options for this site
  • Click on More settings. The Pop-up Blocker Settings window will appear
  • In the Address of website to allow: box, type
  • Click the Add button
  • Click on Close
  • Select the 'Download to Excel' feature again
  • In the Windows Internet Explorer window, click on Open
  • Click the Yes button when asked if you want to open the file

The CBM online user manual can be accessed from any CBM page by clicking on this link: 

If you zero the AF Compensation Rate and/or FTE for a split employee, you will receive a warning.  This feature was added so that users are reminded to send email notification to the VP area coordinators who share their split employees.

The USB Change form is available from CBM.  This form contains FTE, Compensation Rate, Salary Rate, and Job Earnings Distribution accounts and percentages from CBM.  Users can print this form for AF employees and submit it for authorization before sending to HR.

You have the ability to “clone” a complete CBM Employee record (demographic, salary, and OSE data) into a new CBM employee record.  All data from the existing employee, except for Emplid, SSN, Name, and Position, will be copied to the “clone”.  A new ‘C’ Emplid will be automatically generated from CBM.

There are additional GL classes on the Account OSE and OTPS pages to help clarify budget items for Form1.

 Printing Instructions Document

There is a document with CBM printing instructions on our website under Budget Development — Manual to familiarize you with the steps to follow to print your CBM reports:

 This Budget Cycle’s Data

The “Proposed” fields in model 2018 will be pre-loaded with the following:

  • For AF, a payroll snapshot taken 11/29/16.
  • For RF (including CPMP staff), a payroll snapshot taken 11/25/16 from OASIS.  Please carefully review these employee distribution records for accuracy.
  • For ADP, a payroll snapshot taken 12/5/16.
  • For SBF, a payroll snapshot taken 11/25/16.
  • Last year’s budgeted OTPS, Account OSE, and Revenue figures.

IFR cash balances will be loaded as of 12/31/16 for University Hospital and SOM/HSC IFR accounts for models 2018 and O2019. 7/1/16 IFR cash balances will be loaded for model C2017 for all accounts.  For West campus, IFR cash balances as of 12/31/16 will be loaded in CBM for model 2018 and O2019.

SBF cash balances as of 12/31/16 were loaded for University Hospital and SOM/HSC accounts for models 2018 and O2019. 7/1/16 SBF cash balances were loaded for model C2017 for all accounts.  For West campus, SBF cash balances as of 12/31/16 will be loaded in CBM for model 2018 and O2019.

The estimated IFR fringe rates have been loaded in CBM.  IFR fringe rates may change in March/April when we get final figures from the Office of the State Comptroller.  Please check your IFR accounts for negative balances if you are notified that the official IFR rates have been updated in CBM.

RF and SBF fringe percentages were updated for C2017, 2018 and O2019.

The current OASIS projects have been loaded into PeopleSoft.  For IDC and CPMP, these Award-Project-Tasks have been converted to ‘431’ or ‘436’ account numbers.

Effective Model 2018
  • There are new pages in CBM in which you can see a comparison of your budgeted amounts and actual expenditures for the past 3 fiscal years. See "Budget to Actuals" on the Main Menu.
  • A new group of employees was loaded in CPMP accounts: Professional Employment Organization (PEO) employees are neither State nor RF. They are new management and staff hires in the clinical practices with different benefits than State or RF employees.
Effective Model 2017
  •  PeopleSoft was updated so that student and employee data reside in separate databases. CBM, which is now part of the employee database (HCM), has the same look and functionality as in the past. Bookmarks and favorites should be updated to point to the new URL shown above. From Process Monitor, Report Manager and Query, choose the (HCM) item from the menu.
  • Employees paid from Account 42011600 with Jobcode 3254 - Instructional Support Assn and Jobcode 1586 - Laborer are no longer pre-loaded during the dataload process.
  • There is a new GL Class for budgeting sources of revenue: 502901 JT Credit Revenue.
Effective Model 2015
  • Report 14 AF Account Notes has been updated to include versions with and without employees notes and versions that show all accounts or accounts with notes only. [AFaccounts only]
  • Report 08 Hospital VP Summary has been updated to include Fund 10 accounts. [Hospital]
Effective Model 2014
  • New panels were created to budget Stony Brook Foundation accounts for the Restricted (Fund 63), Unrestricted (Fund 64), Agency (Fund 65), and Grant (Fund 69) funds.
  • CPMP overhead assessment categories for Interdepartmental Pool and Special Projects replaced the Board Fund. [SOM, HSC]
  • IFR Proposed Changes Notes were copied forward from last year’s model.
  • GL Class 812601 and GL Class 828201 (Storehouse Recharge) are no longer valid . If you budgeted any OTPS on either GL Class in model 2013, you must zero it out for model 2014.  Form1 cannot be submitted if there is any budgeted amount on Storehouse Recharge.  [Appropriated Fund accounts]
Effective Model 2013
  • For SUTRA Summer and Winter accounts, Fringe is calculated on Revenue, not Expenses.  All previous CBM models have been revised to reflect this change.
  • The Hospital FTE page for inputting FTE in aggregate by account has been updated to include Per Diem (TS_PDM) in addition to Overtime (PS_OVT) and Purch Serv – Manpower/Agency (813061).  [Hospital Fund 40 accounts only]
  • Employee by Distribution (Report 04) has been updated to display Emplid.
  • There is a new report to display accounts in the Stony Brook Account Master (SBAM) table.  (16 SBAM-Account Master Report)
Effective Model 2012
  • There is a new report to display the notes related to your accounts.  (14 Account Notes Report)
Effective Model 2011
  • There is a new Hospital FTE page for inputting FTE for Overtime (PS_OVT) and Purch Serv – Manpower/Agency (813061) in aggregate by account for Hospital Fund 40 accounts only.
  • There is a new Jobcode 0953 to input Vacancy Accrual FTE and Salary for Regular Employees.  This Jobcode will not generate Location, Shift, Geographic, or Inconvenience Pay.
Effective Model 2010
  • Position Number on the Employee Details page is now an updateable field.
  • There is a new CPMP UH revenue page for inputting detail data for UH Part A (520021) and UH Part B (522041).
Effective Model 2009
  • Employees with Jobcode 1983 are no longer pre-loaded in CBM during the dataload process.
  • Hospital employees paid from Fund 40 accounts with Jobcodes that are classified as Clinical positions by HR are pre-loaded into CBM with Variable Expense Type during the dataload process.
Effective Model 2008
  • Adjunct salaries (Jobcodes 0430 [Inst 10] and 0475 [Lect 10] with FTE < 1) are no longer pre-loaded in CBM during the dataload process.  Expenses for these employees should be budgeted in aggregate on the employee pages using Jobcode 1136 – Adj Lect.  CBM has been programmed to omit the calculation of UUP location pay when this Jobcode is selected.
Effective Model 2007
  • Teaching Assistant and Graduate Assistant salaries are no longer loaded as individual employee records.  TA/GA expenses will be budgeted in aggregate by account as Student Assistants are budgeted.  What you budget for TA/GA this year will be copied forward to next year’s models.
  • Account OSE and OTPS notes are copied from last year’s model to the new models.

 Important Notes  
New accounts that are created through the Accounting Office are programmatically added to CBM every Friday and available in CBM on Monday mornings.When budgeting negative allocation, you MUST include a clarifying note in the OSE or OTPS notes field.  If your note is not clear, your budget entry will be rejected!!The budgeted figures in negative and positive interchange accounts must match by object.If you budget  any negative OSE in your State accounts for employees whose salary expenses you plan on charging to other funds during the year (i.e. summer session, IFR accounts, Member Items, etc.), you must decrease your State account FTE accordingly.  To do this, budget an employee record in the State account with negative FTE with zero dollars.  The net budgeted instructional and non-instructional FTE's in every State account should reflect the actual portions of their salaries which will be charged to them in the budgeted fiscal year. As with all negative entries, make sure to include an explanatory note.


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