Director's message

Steven Smith, Ph.D., Director, Graduate Studies

This is an exciting and historical time for the biological sciences. Research in the fields of biochemistry and structural biology promises to lead the way in understanding life on the molecular level. With the recent sequencing of the human genome, the race is on to determine the structure and function of the thousands of protein molecules that drive biological processes. The Program in Biochemistry and Structural Biology (BSB) provides graduate students with the training and tools to determine the structure and address the function and mechanism of proteins, DNA, RNA, membrane lipids and the hundreds of other molecules in cells. A major focus is on how interactions between these molecules regulate cell function. The Program offers a range of courses, colloquia, seminars and research in the fields of biochemistry and structural biology. The interdisciplinary nature of the Program draws faculty from the Departments of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacological Sciences, and Physiology and Biophysics, among others. In addition, with its close ties to Brookhaven National Laboratory, Stony Brook can take advantage of world-class research facilities at the National Synchrotron Light Source. Several of the members of the BSB graduate program are research scientists in the Biology Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Overall, the program offers a wide array of research areas from which incoming students can choose. Stony Brook provides a unique setting for studies in biochemistry and structural biology. We welcome your interest in the program.